Online Classes & Lessons

Whilst we are all socially distancing or self-isolating I have decided to move my Pilates practice online - I realise it is not the same as working in person but I want to maintain an element of normality in our lives and exercise is a great way of supporting our bodies, maybe now more than ever.

Online Class Schedule

If you can't see the date for the link you want or it's not working, please refresh the page. Please try to login 5 minutes before the start time in case of technical difficulties!

Day Start Timing
Monday (1st Jun)
 10:00am (Meditation 5:30pm)
Wednesday (27th May)    6:00pm
Thursday (28th May)  10:00am
Friday (29th May)    8:30am
Saturday (30th May)
Sunday (31st May)

Private Lessons & Shared Lessons

I will also be offering:

  • Private Lessons (60 min & 30 min sessions) if you want to focus on a particular issue 
  • Shared Lessons (60 mins) for a maximum of two people. Perhaps you can take a lesson with a friend from a safe distance!


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