Mat Classes

Mat Classes provide a general workout aimed at the group as a whole, addressing common issues.  Each week the class will be tailored to incorporate specific exercises depending on the group's needs.
Rob offers both Beginner and Intermediate level classes, based in Reigate and Carshalton (click on the location for the class timetable).
To ensure the exercises are safe to perform and taught under proper guidance, all of Rob's Mat Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 clients. He also makes every effort to provide different variations / modifications for each exercise to make them accessible and where it is entirely inappropriate for a client, he will teach a safe alternative.



Before you join a Mat Class, Rob will normally ask you to attend an Initial Consultation and possibly a further Private Lesson (please refer to the Starting section) to ensure you are familiar with the basic principles of the Pilates Method.

These may be unnecessary if you already have sufficient Pilates experience.


Please note

  • If you have specific conditions or current injuries, these may well be better managed initially through some Private Lessons, working through a programme tailored to your needs before you join a Mat Class
  • None of these classes operates on a "drop-in" basis - please book in advance to see if there is space available
  • Minimum client age 18







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"I really enjoy Rob's classes.  Each one is tailored to address the needs of everyone in the group and, for each exercise, he teaches some more advanced versions so that, if you want to, you can challenge yourself a little more." Paula, Reigate (read more..)

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